Inviting All Inventors




Rubbermaid’s innovation program provides a platform for inventors to submit their ideas for review and potentially have them included in Rubbermaid’s product portfolio. Due to the program’s success and increase in public responses, specialized tools and workflow improvements were required to facilitate growth.


A streamlined system for online submissions, combined with a back-end system for monitoring, evaluation, reporting and communication was created. Updates to SEO increased awareness. Content and UX enhancements increased submissions and optimized the qualification process.


Rubbermaid Healthcare


  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Application
  • Web Development
  • Web Integration


HTML 5 Sharepoint

Encouraging Innovation

Encouraging Innovation

The public-facing web site is designed to connect with inventors, reinforce the shared values of innovation through collaboration, and encourage participation.

5 Steps

Improving the Process

To reduce complexity, the vetting process was reduced to five simple steps, providing participants a clear understanding of the stages their submissions will go through.

Submission Form

Easy to Submit + Check Progress

The submission process is as simple as filling out a form. Participants can return to check the progress of their submission within the five-step vetting process, which is updated by the Rubbermaid New Product Team through the back-end web application.


Back End Scouting + Vetting

The client-side submission management application is a vital collaboration tool amongst multiple team members and departments. The centralized software enables submission management, collaborative vetting based on multiple criteria classifications, scoring, and team/submittor communications throughout multiple stages of increasing complexity.