Organizing the Organization Brand




Over the years, Rubbermaid had amassed a fairly impressive suite of offerings and product categories – each with their own unique needs and consumer requirements. The Scylla Group was challenged with improving the the site’s user experience, providing better organization of existing site content, and identifying areas for enhancement.


We decided to focus on improving key areas of navigation and content without changing the overall site design or overhauling sitewide content. Areas of focus included product category pages, product pages, e-commerce enhancements, and richmedia web applications.






Microsoft SharePoint HTML 5 website on laptop

User Experience

  • An intuitive site navigation provides shoppers with a variety of options and pathways to find the product they are looking for
  • A variety of rich-media opportunities help home shoppers evaluate product offerings and engage with the Rubbermaid community
  • The eCommerce portion of the website was also enhanced, providing more relevant information, reviews, and related products, resulting in a more streamlined shopping cart experience website design elements

Business Impact

Our design approach goes beyond how the design looks and feels. We care about what’s going on behind the scenes – in the backend. We strive to ensure that all of our solutions perform reliably, secure and efficiently. For, we utilized a Sharepoint Content Management system hosted on a .NET server platform. The site code itself is a combination of JQuery, CSS, Javascript and HTML 5 website e-commerce


Over a gradual series of updates and redesigns, we were able to simplify Rubbermaid’s navigation, product portfolio, e-commerce integration, and social outreach areas. The result is a streamlined site with raw power and elegance.