A Modern Approach to Sample Displays




Waypoint Living Spaces® is synonymous with high-end cabinetry and customer satisfaction. Like many manufacturing companies, their product line has a wide range of combination possibilities making the process of manufacturing, shipping and supplying physical samples to their dealers a complex endeavor.


Waypoint™ came to The Scylla Group to design and develop a virtual showroom to empower designers, dealers and potential customers by simplifying a complex selection process. With this new iPad application, users can view, compare and sort the wide variety of cabinetry options possible from the Waypoint Living Spaces® product line, replacing the need for physical samples.




  • Digital Strategy
  • Sales/Service Optimization
  • Application Design + Development



We need easy access to...

All of our Door products

...in one location.

Introduction page

Easily Find the Perfect Cabinetry

A highly visual and simple open-ended navigation aids dealers and customers through various product options that are critical to their selection criteria.


Simplified Selection Process

Select from the many different finishes, wood species, and overlays Waypoint Living Spaces® has to offer. The visual organization combined with multiple filtering options allows for complex comparisons.

Browse Styles

Customized Product Gallery

With each decision, the application refines the product gallery to display only the options that meet the personal style and feature preferences selected.

Compare Styles

Compare + Share

Color-matched, high-resolution photography presents rich colors and fine wood grains for detailed comparison of each door. Sharing your selections with family and friends is just a click away.