About Us
We’re not “all things to all people."

We try to find relationships where there’s an extraordinary fit. This “fit” applies to two areas: the alignment between our expertise and our clients’ business objectives and requirements, and the chemistry we seek in all of our client relationships.

Our sweet spot is developing digital strategies and systems that empower companies to engage, analyze and convert customers online. We do this by exploring the best possible ways to achieve your business objectives using digital channels and tools, taking into consideration your challenges and priorities.

The other aspect of our ideal client “fit,” is Chemistry. We believe Chemistry starts with Authenticity (or down-to-earthiness), which means always making the recommendation that most benefits you and your objectives, communicating quickly and clearly and just being really straightforward.

We’ve found that we truly enjoy working with clients who also appreciate and treasure these characteristics. And since authenticity is a two-way street, our clients tell us they truly appreciate our straightforward approach, which saves them time and money—and often leads to better results.

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What Sets Us Apart?

We Impart Empathy

There’s a lot on your plate and knowing which CDN or CMS is right for your organization is probably not something you want to be spending your time on every day. We love solving problems just like this – tailored just to your needs. We believe that a Win-Win should be expected.

We’re Digital Natives

We’re the kids that were coding on Commodores and have been adopting every new piece of technology since. Which means we love—and are “really good” at—evaluating applications for new and emerging technologies as it applies to your industry, brand and audience.

Our focus is our strength

We average 6.2 years with each brand client. And many customers who progress to other brands bring us to their new team. 

We believe in programs over products

Online is too important and changes too often to be left alone for longer than one business quarter. We monitor audience interaction and elicit feedback to foresee how to best to improve features and functionality.

Our Story

The Scylla Group (pronounced SILL-uh) was formed in 2011 by six digital natives from various backgrounds in design, software engineering and marketing. The reason we wanted to work together was simple: We believe we can empower people through technology and make their workday easier and more productive.

By forming The Scylla Group, we set out to create the business that we always wanted to work in. Personal, dedicated to quality, and an ethically minded business practice. For us, it's about making a life, not just making a living.

An Ethical Digital Shop

When we founded The Scylla Group, many digital agencies followed an “old school” approach in which not all decisions were made from the standpoint of the brand, or customer, much less based on the client’s best interest. It was the days of, “what can we bill them for next? Website (check). SEO (check). Email campaign (check). New visual identity (check).

Scylla’s approach is to work with clients to help them identify and understand WHAT they need, HOW it works and WHY it will support the business objectives. The Win-Win scenario is always an option and our way of doing buisiness.

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In our Clients' Words

Candidly, you can’t really get to know us—or any company for that matter—by just reading web site copy. True, you can see capabilities and case studies, but it’s harder to communicate a sense of how we work without you actually working with us.

With that said, assuming you’re not ready to fill out a form or call us, it might be helpful for you to see examples of HOW OUR CLIENTS FEEL about working with us:

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