Introduction to Microsoft Office Mobile Applications

Morgan Little - Systems Administrator

by Morgan Little
February 2022

Here it is.. a new Scylla Tips and Tricks with more helpful instructions. In this issue, we are going to introduce you to Microsoft Office mobile Apps. As many of you know, our recommend email app for your cell phone is Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android. We highly recommend switching to this app if you are haven’t already since it provides a look and feel similar to Outlook on your desktop while providing a very secure solution for connecting to your Office365 (or other email provider) account. If you haven’t already switch, its easy to do so and you can follow the very easy instructions from Microsoft (Setup Outlook for iOS and Android ( Even better, the Outlook app is free to use so you can even switch to using it for your personal accounts too.

What if you have to work on Word Documents or Excel Spreadsheets?

Microsoft also has free Apps for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Just keep in mind, if you are editing or creating files, you should login with your company Office365 account to ensure you can save and send files effortlessly in your account. If you plan on not linking your company account, you can easily sign up for a free Microsoft account for these options too. Links to install and details about the applications are listed below:

               For Apple iOS Devices:

                                Excel: Microsoft Excel on the App Store (

                                Word: Microsoft Word on the App Store (

                For Android Devices:

                                Excel: Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets - Apps on Google Play

                                Word: Microsoft Word: Edit Documents - Apps on Google Play

For organizations that are leveraging SharePoint...

Microsoft also has an app for that too. This is a great solution to help explore the content on SharePoint Sites from your mobile device instead of doing this through the mobile browser (definitely not the best experience). Keep in mind your organization needs to have SharePoint configured and you will need to log in with your company account. Here are the links and details for the SharePoint App:

               For Apple iOS Devices:

                                SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint on the App Store (

                For Android Devices:

                                SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint - Apps on Google Play

Finally, for organizations that leverage Office365 OneDrive...

There is an app for that too. This is a perfect way to save your content to the cloud location that is included with your company's Office365 subscription so you do not need to save the content directly to your phone. Here are the links and details for the OneDrive App:

                For Apple iOS Devices:

                                OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive on the App Store (

                For Android Devices:

                                OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive - Apps on Google Play

The best thing about all of these mobile app options is that they work together on your device. For example, if you open an email with a Word document attachment in the Outlook app, you will see the option to “Open Word” to be able to edit the content. Another example is if you are looking up a complex spreadsheet in SharePoint, you are prompted to “Open Excel” to allow you all the options to edit the spreadsheet. Even better, say you receive an email with an HEIC Image attachment (file type that originates from iPhones/iPads) that you can’t open on your Windows PC, simply choosing to save to OneDrive app from your Outlook app will allow you to access and see the image through the web browser open OneDrive ( on your Windows PC. As you can see, these apps really help enable any staff member to work with ease from their mobile device.

We understand many of you have encountered unique work environments since the pandemic and we hope that these tips and tricks help no matter where you are located.

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