Skincare Cost Comparison Web Application

Bruce Thompson - Brand Strategist

by Bruce Thompson
September 2021

Salesperson using the Skin Care ROI Tool

The Challenge

Facility managers have a unique challenge when it comes to outfitting their buildings. Not only do they need to find the right equipment for their staff and visitors, but they also need to purchase a lot of the same product to minimize maintenance and supply costs. Finding the right product that meets all their needs and budget can be a tedious process. With so many options available, comparing functionality and price between numerous companies and options can be daunting. 

Our partner, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, challenged us to create an application their sales staff and customers could use to quickly compare skincare dispensers and find the best solution for their customers’ needs based on total costs between equivalent products. They wanted to take the guesswork out of competitor price comparison and demonstrate which products are best by simply entering some standard data. They needed a cost comparison tool that was mobile, easy to use, and widely available.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Skin Care ROI Tool

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Our Insight

Knowing the total of purchasing, maintaining, and supplying a product over time provides a total cost-of-life and is often a revelation compared to solely the initial purchase costs. By taking into consideration all the variables of implementing one solution over another, you can see the impact of a superior solution. Most facility managers do not have all the data readily available, and this makes their job even more laborious, tedious, and challenging. By making product and supplies data available in one place, the job of comparing products is drastically reduced and their experience is improved. Numbers don’t lie, but they tell a convincing story when you have them all in one place.


Our solution allows users to access product and variant data from multiple competitors and input their unique statistics. Thus, empowering customers and salespeople to compare pricing between up to three different companies. Among Rubbermaid Commercial Products, you will find other big-name brands like Gojo, EcoLab, Deb, Kimberly Clark, and Georgia Pacific. You can also add custom data to compare to another company not integrated into the tool. 

This mobile-friendly custom web application has an intuitive interface showing the cheapest option of the selected products in green and calculating how much money could be saved annually. Not only is this a great web tool, but the user can also download a pdf file of their findings.  

Our price comparison application allows the Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ sales team to quickly enter numbers to show customers the immediate payoff for buying their products. It shows where they stand in the competitive market for skincare products — even if theirs is not the cheapest. 

Mobile Skin Care ROI Tool for Rubbermaid Commercial Products



Special Features


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