Website Enhancements Improve User Experiences

Bruce Thompson - Brand Strategist

by Bruce Thompson
February 2020

Our latest website enhancements are centered around Rubbermaid Commercial Products' customers' needs.

The Scylla Group helps Rubbermaid Commercial Products provide continuous value to their customers. In 2018 we worked with RCP to redesign and develop their website which had not been improved upon since 2012. At that time, our focus was on creating a superior website content management system for their product catalog. Since then, we have been monitoring activity on the site and listening to feedback on what to improve and how to provide more value for their customers, distributors, sales team, and internal employees. Over the 2019 calendar year, I'm glad to say we've rolled out quite a few enhancements to improve the user experience, user interface and value added tools. 

New Resource Center

For the first time all of RCP's media is in one place. Site visitors are now able to quickly search for and find all of the company's resources — from brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, videos and more.  

View Online

Improved Search

We use a combination of third-party systems to monitor how visitors utilize the site as a means to improve their experience and ultimately provide more value to their experience. We quickly and consistently found that site search was the primary navigation for the majority of users. This prompted us to re-haul and dramatically improve site search. Enhancements include: predictive text inputs, popular clicked matches, recommendations and multiple result types including products, categories, resources, and web pages. Search is so important we made it the primary content upon entering the site on the homepage banner.  

Brand Pages

There are many popular top-of-mind brands under the RCP family of products. Upon the first relaunch of the site these brands did not have their own space as products were only present in a catalog fashion. By presenting brand pages, RCP is able to highlight their features, benefits, and products within. Thus saving customer, distributors, re-sellers, and dealer of RCP products tons of time to locate popular products and resources to their clients. 

Facility Pages

Chances are if you've been in a building in the United States or Europe, you've seen the Rubbermaid Commercial badge on some building appliance or device. With such a wide array of building and facility related products, it can be hard to know where to start to narrow down the right products for your facility. The new facilities section is our answer to that problem. Each facility type has their own unique needs and challenges and RCP has dedicated a lot time and resources to help solve these problems. Products are been curated and presented per facility type and need to eliminate the need for guess work and to spawn ideas on how these facility managers can help improve the quality and efficiency of their buildings. 

Create an Account has a wide range of visitor types to their site. From the average household consumer, to dealers, distributors, sales teams, and vendors. Return visitors are the norm and we decided we could help improve their return visits by personalizing their experience and creating tools to help them throughout their journey. Register accounts are able to view personalized content based on their preferences; create, manage and save order lists; and access their most visited pages and browsing history. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

A simplified homepage and expanded menu navigation gives the website a fresh look and improves the user experience

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