Streamlining Legal Review of 10k+ Docs

When building a solution, you forecast and measure return on investment based on how cost-effectively it addresses the job at hand. But how do you explode that ROI number? By finding a way to design the solution so it can be used over and over again for multiple applications. That’s client-centric digital thinking at its finest.

McAfee is a $2.1B global security software company.

McAfee's legal department receives, reviews, edits and approves tens of thousands of documents per year for the company's marketing and product development teams. Reviewers, attorneys and internal clients were constrained by manual, labor intensive methods of sharing files.

Various legal and marketing departments were all looking at software to increase efficiency; but adding more systems would only create more silos that were either incompatible or that required significant integration. What McAfee needed was a repeatable process that reinforced protocol and accountability, and produced a centralized, auditable system of record.


Centralized Repository and Auditable System of Record

Real-Time Conversations for Rapid Resolution

Balance Workloads

Alerts and Notifications Expedite Approval

Our Solution

As a result of multiple interviews and analysis, we concluded they needed a solution that worked the way they worked; brought the right users together at the right time; and integrated seamlessly into other internal systems.

Our solution was a custom DotNet application that allows any McAfee employee to submit requests for legal review on marketing or product initiatives. There are clear instructions as to who needs to do what/when—and includes the ability to share, edit and approve.

Additional Features

Streamlined Legal Review

Analytics and Reporting

Custom Questionnaire Builder Allowing them to Create Unique Workstreams and Questions

Helpful Hoot Tool Tips and Guidance Along the Way

The Effect

McAfee now has an intuitive internal legal review portal that is being used for over seven types of legal services/requirements, spanning almost 10,000 employees. With a self-service CMS the McAfee team can create, customize and manage their own document submission forms based on their department’s requirements. As a result, the system now handles 2X – 3X the number of submissions while actually reducing the number of days it takes for each request to be approved.

Perhaps best of all, because the system is scalable and customizable for uses other than legal review, McAfee has on-boarded other departments onto the system.

Departments are now using the tool to begin reporting on program health and are using reporting to identify trends and gaps to help improve their entire organization.

Tim Howes

“The flexibility we built into this system enabled McAfee to use it for other applications beyond legal review; this dramatically increased their ROI.”

Tim Howes, The Scylla Group

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