Empowering a Global Leader

The Challenge

An Integrated Team Approach

BRITAX, a leader in mobile child safety for more than 70 years, wanted to improve the content, functionality and performance of their website for their U.S. and Canadian markets. Britax needed a strategic and technical partner that could help them wade through all of the options associated with a web redesign but also be able to execute. The Scylla Group collaborated with multiple Britax departments to align a shared site vision and determine key performance indicators for successful execution. Critical site objectives included responsive page design, easy content management, streamlining of the e-commerce process and integration of a plethora of third-party APIs and connections.

Our Solution

Manageable eCommerce

A mix of Britax and Scylla team members where involved in selecting and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that could streamline the online purchasing process. We then created a Windows-based service to connect multiple e-commerce system elements including third party services monitoring. The service sends two-way data to connect the ERP system to the website to facilitate online ordering, shipping, order statuses, and return orders.

Streamlined category page with filtering and sorting to help you narrow down your search.

Product detail pages focus on specific features and specs to make sure you get to know your product and give you the ability to add to your cart at anytime.

Find local and online retailers with a click of a button.

Easily add products to your cart and get additional recommendations based on what others bought.

You can view all the items in your cart before checkout to change quantities or remove items.

Streamlined checkout for online ordering, shipping, order statuses, and return orders.


Empowered Self-Service


"Most passionate nerds I know. They love digital and have an energy behind what they do. Outside of front and back end (code) which is great, they're very good at project management and maintaining course."
Adam Welch, Digital Sales, Britax

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