Organizing the Organization Brand

The Challenge

Enhanced UX

Rubbermaid®, a leader in developing innovative, high-quality solutions that help simplify life, amassed a fairly impressive suite of offerings and product categories - each with their own unique needs and consumer requirements. The Scylla Group was challenged with improving the site's user experience, providing better organization of existing site content, and identifying areas for enhancement.

Visitors are presented enriched experiences to help find products and information they're looking for.

Rich-media web applications act as decision aids to help visitors wade through the many product options

Modern e-publishing management was added to support Rubbermaid's online community participation and thought leadership.

Enhanced ecommerce options were introduced as well as implementing the ability to purchase through the Rubbermaid website.

Our Solution

Enhanced Content

We decided to focus on improving key areas of navigation and content without changing the overall site design or overhauling site-wide content. Our areas of focus included product category pages, product pages, e-commerce usability enhancements, and rich media web applications.


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"I can pick up the phone and have a conversation and they're an extension of me and my team. I've always felt that."
Jim Dietzel, Digital Director, Rubbermaid