A Modern Approach to Sample Displays

The Challenge

Move Over Analog

Waypoint Living SpacesĀ® is synonymous with high-end cabinetry and customer satisfaction. They sell mainly through distributors and dealers whose main sales tools are in-store displays and physical product samples. Since their product line has such a wide range of combination possibilities it makes the process of manufacturing, shipping and supplying physical samples to their dealers a complex and costly endeavor. We recommended that they could save a lot of cost and personal effort by introducing the same experience digitally instead of physically.

This custom application is available for free for Waypoint distributors and resellers

Dealers are able to walk through cabinet selection criteria in any order, making a unique experience for cabinet selection

Options can be turned off and on to narrow down door selections to match the buyers preferences

A large carousel of matching options allows the dealer and buyer to quickly cycle through a myriad of options

Isolated detail views helps focus on the details and display additional information for evaluation and options

Our Solution

Simplifying Complexity

The Scylla Group created a virtual door sample showroom where users can view, compare and sort the wide variety of cabinetry options possible from the Waypoint Living SpacesĀ® product line. High-quality photography shows detail and color comparable to the physical samples but also helps showcase the entire line of door cabinet options, colors and styles that a physical display cannot.


Happy Partners


"Creativity doesn't often go hand in hand with reliability... The Scylla Group has good project management supporting the creative process."

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