Visualizing the Perfect Kitchen

The Challenge

Simplify Visualization

Waypoint Living Spaces® is synonymous with high-end cabinetry and customer satisfaction. Like many manufacturing companies, their product line has a wide range of combination possibilities making the visualization of a new kitchen complex to visualize. Remodeling a kitchen can be a stressful undertaking. With so many choices to make, where do you even begin? Research showed that 79% of people are motivated to remodel their kitchen, and that it's hard to "see" the final room from blueprints and samples alone. That's where we recommended creating a tool that would allow them to not only see all the options available to them, but also clearly see what the kitchen would look like when built. 

Beginning by selecting a design style sets the stage for unique kitchen scenes including narrowing product options that match the theme

Waypoint's entire product line is available for refinement based on individual tastes.

Exploration of the product options within each category is easy with immediate visual representation to allow detailed control over the design

Detailed product information helps the dealer and potential buyer discuss options and details pertinent to their decisions.

Unique cabinet options offer functionality to truly create a dream kitchen.

Custom Construction features are available to add that custom touch to the entire set.

The tool ensures that all decisions are captured and shared with contractors and designers to realize their "dream kitchen."

Our Solution

Working Together

The Waypoint™ Kitchen Visualizer is a unique tool that allows dealers and distributors to facilitate conversations and decision making directly with consumers. The application guides you through the complex selection process for creating a kitchen space that's highly personalized and completely unique. As the initial instrument in guiding the two parties through the decision process and discussion, the experience enables a shared vision through inspiration and education. 


Simplified UX

"The Scylla Group grasped our product line and industry very quickly and were able to provide insight in a short time frame."
VP Marketing, Waypoint Living Spaces

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