Website Migration

For twenty years, Salamander Designs has been passionate about designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality and customizable entertainment furniture. As an award-winning industry leader, they build furniture that is shaped by individual needs. Their mission is to create functional furniture that seamlessly integrates with today's lifestyles. 

The Challenge

Empower the web team

Salamander had been using an extremely outdated and restrictive Content Management System (CMS). Updates to simple content involved software engineers and outside contractors due to the dysfunctional way the original site was set up. Adding to that, the code base was not HTML5 and there was no responsiveness or mobile optimization.

Salamander was looking for a digital partner. They wanted a team that would work with their team to help wade through technology, hosting, customer experience, and communication considerations and weigh them against their unique requirements and goals. Having worked with Scylla team members in years (and careers) past, they chose The Scylla Group to oversee the migration. 

Our Solution

Migrate & Modernize

Scylla worked with Salamander's Owner and their Marketing and Product departments to outline key project goals and areas for improvement along the lines of presentation and navigation requirements. Umbraco was selected as the Content Management System due to the system's ease-of-use, customization options, and easy integration with third party APIs and services. 

Having performed a thorough content audit, the site was broken down to a foundation of content and code blocks that would drive the responsive CSS and HTML development. Key controls for product catalogs, product details and corporate content were integrated into the Umbraco CMS so the team could manage content the way that made sense for them. 

Over 3,000 product options were migrated into the new CMS and all of the corporate content pages were rebuilt using the new WYSIWYG editors in the back office. In all, 3,500 pages were created as part of the migration. 

A fully responsive front end framework was created based on existing site design and content.

Content and product information management is easy with a fully customized back office.


A Performance Beast

The new site not only looks great, but it is highly optimized:


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