About The Scylla Group

The Scylla Group is an elite group of digital natives with a unique perspective on solving problems from governance and communications to technical issues.  We provide strategic insight and develop digital solutions that empower clients to spend less time managing technology and more time building meaningful relationships with their customers.


Candidly, you can’t really get to know us — or any company for that matter — by reading website copy.

True, you can see capabilities and case studies, but it’s harder to communicate a sense of how we work without you actually working with us.

With that said, assuming you’re not ready to fill out a form or call us, it might be helpful for you to see examples of HOW OUR CLIENTS FEEL about working with us:

"A lot of people can design web sites — very few can help with digital strategies.”
Jim Smith: Senior Marketing Communication Manager, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
“I've worked with them for 15 years with four different companies. First and foremost, I can pick up the phone and have a conversation with them, like they're an extension of me and my team. I've always felt that.”
Jim Deitzel: Digital Director, TTI
“They’re the most passionate nerds I know. They love digital. There’s an energy behind it.”
Adam Welch: Digital Sales, Britax
“Scylla is more in depth than typical agencies. We meet monthly to go through analytics, and they don't just throw us a PDF, they're taking us through it, identifying trends and making recommendations.”
Steven Barnes, PlayPower

What makes our clients feel that way?

And why, given the choice of working with much larger agencies, do they prefer working with The Scylla Group? Here are a few reasons, excerpted from our CLIENT PROMISES:

We give away a ton of knowledge and insight.

We love listening to your situation, goals and challenges and providing insights…before an engagement. And that (more than web copy!) is a great way to get to know us.

We practice measured growth.

We’ve grown because our clients have grown, not because we have a huge presence in the market.

We value chemistry.

Both internally and with clients. We take on new clients when we and the client think there’s a fit, but never to meet a quota.

Nothing gets lost in translation.

100% experts. 0% fluff. No Account Executives, Executive Assistants, No Sales Team. Just digital natives who love diagnosing and solving digital challenges.

We’re always transparent.

We bring up problems and roadblocks quickly because we all share in the benefits of solving them quickly.

We know our strengths.

We don’t sell clients on “aspirational” capabilities, then rush out and find bodies.

We practice empathy.

This helps us quickly understand your challenges and priorities. It also makes us good at understanding the world from your customers’ perspective.

We start wherever it makes sense for you.

Full assessment, comprehensive web site relaunch or small project. Let us know what works for you.

We don’t mind being a well-kept secret.

That’s because we enjoy having a life, just like we hope you do too. It also enables us to be selective about the projects we work on.

We try to find relationships where there’s an extraordinary fit in both ALIGNMENT and CHEMISTRY.


First, let’s talk about digital expertise and capabilities. What we do is actually pretty simple to explain. Our sweet spot is helping companies make informed decisions on technical strategies and solutions based on their unique needs and then executing upon them. It means exploring the best possible ways to achieve business objectives (i.e. increase sales by XX% this year), using digital channels and tools, taking into consideration your challenges and priorities.

We conceptualize, create and manage web sites, online tools, designs, features, content and other ways to turn casual visitors into active shoppers and browsers into buyers. We do this by understanding their customers’ journey, perceptions and behavior from THEIR very HUMAN perspective. What will make them more comfortable vs. clicking away? What information do they expect or need to see? What will help simplify their decision rather than making it more complicated?

Our digital toolkit includes:


The other aspect of our ideal client “fit,” is Chemistry. We believe Chemistry starts with Authenticity (or down-to-earthiness), which means always making the recommendation that most benefits you and your objectives, communicating quickly and clearly and just being really straightforward.

We’ve found that we truly enjoy working with clients who also appreciate and treasure these characteristics. And since Authenticity is a two-way street, our clients tell us they truly appreciate our straightforward approach, which saves them time and money—and often leads to better results.

We believe TRUST IS an outcome that has to be EARNED over time.

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