Custom Web Application Development

Web App Development

Custom apps can help a company improve online sales, increase consumer connections and enhance enterprise operations. Yet custom app development doesn’t happen by accident—it requires chemistry and alignment to get the right reaction from users and achieve measurable business benefits.

At The Scylla Group, we’re custom web application development specialists. Our team has the experience and expertise to create applications that are transparent, tech-forward, and tied to key corporate goals. From sales support apps to customer engagement applications and enterprise software solutions, Scylla can help you spend less time managing tech and more time building your brand. Here’s how we can help.

Sales Support

Make the most of face-to-face time and time-on-site by arming your sales force with tools that provide insight, information, and impactful presentations. A custom solution offers flexibility - provide iPads for your sales team and our iOS developers will create a seamless application. Or, allow the sales team to bring their own device and have our iOS and Android developers create cross-platform solutions, from interactive product demos to ROI calculators.


Consumer Engagement

Innovative, highly-customizable product solutions can be difficult to explain and even more challenging for potential customers to figure out on their own. To help simplify the complex, we create immersive, personalized custom web and mobile experiences that are easy to understand, clearly explain benefits and inspire across the customer journey.


Enterprise Software

Would your organization benefit from a centrally-administered resource that bridges communication gaps and improves efficiency across divisions? Our custom enterprise software solutions are designed and built around your unique business needs and operations, bringing isolated systems and departments together and streamlining processes that are critical to your success.


Why Build a Custom App?

Custom web applications let you take back control of your business. How? Customer software development ensures that a business’s needs are the ones in focus, not a broad sweeping set of needs shared by hundreds of other companies.

Not every need requires a custom app. When you need a word processing application, there are plenty of off the shelf options that will fit the bill. At a certain point, though, using commercial solutions will take a business only so far, and that distance is the same for their competitors. Custom application development can increase operational efficiency, meet specialized needs, and provide customers with unparalleled functionality.

It may be time to consider a custom web application when:

Scalability is key

Commercial off the shelf (COTS) software is meant to work, but not always to scale. A slow app will drive customers away.

Meeting security & regulatory requirements

If the business must meet specific regulations or security requirements, an off the shelf solution may not cut it.

Internal processes

A company that is altering its processes to meet its tools is likely losing ground in operational overhead.

Application overload

This is another operational time sync - switching between dozens of individual, unconnected apps to get a job done slows down teams and stifles innovation.

Specialized industry needs

COTS are meant to answer a broad set of requirements. If a company has specialized needs that can’t be met by an off the shelf solution, manual or complicated workarounds may be standing in for a custom application.

Work Examples

The best custom web application development companies don’t just build a great app—they build the ideal app for your business. At Scylla, we have the capacity and capability to help medium and large enterprises create industry-specific apps that are accessible, engaging, and transparent. Some of our industries served include:

It may be time to consider a custom web application when:


When Salamander Designs needed a new approach to CMS, it came to Scylla. Our team helped migrate and modernize its digital environment at scale.

Consumer products

Mobile child safety leader Britax wanted to build a better e-commerce experience. Our manageable, scalable solution helped empower self-service and create a new revenue stream.

Commercial sales

Rubbermaid required improved mobile marketing with a “wow factor” to help boost awareness and education. Scylla’s fleet-wide, full-service solution helped the organization brand better organize its business.

Why Scylla?

Capabilities come first: We're experienced in the digital landscape, innovative in the application design space, and have a wealth of expertise in finding your best fit.

Connection sets us apart from other app development companies. Clients feel comfortable working with us because our team is always here to talk, ready to take on new challenges and ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Whether we’re helping a client define a mobile application that enables their sales team or a web solution that fully immerses customers in their products, Scylla is the app development company that can turn a company’s goals into reality.

Our solutions are built from the ground up to suit your specific needs.

Lead with effort; build with trust. Start with Scylla.

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