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Why Choose The Scylla Group As Your IT Support Company?

We believe IT should be viewed as a strategic asset for every organization instead of as a cost center. Don’t think of us as “just IT support.” Rather, periodically involve us like a technical director or technical experts to help understand where the business is going so your technology assets and processes reflect your mission. We want to help you take advantage of technology, project the right image, educate staff, automate processes, and reduce costs whenever possible.

We bill for our time rather than by device or project. We don’t want to charge you per server, device, user or cell phone each month and then charge you more when things change. You don’t need to worry about how many computers you have or what buying another tablet will do to your recurring monthly costs. We automate things like routine software patching, so it doesn’t matter if you have 5 computers or 50. In addition, we are transparent with our efforts and billing so we all can spot opportunities to reduce costs and address problems before they occur. We'd be glad to discuss how we can help you reach your business goals through technology.  

Superior Security

Your data is your business. Protecting it is important to your clients, your operations, and your reputation. Security is at the heart of everything we do. We identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and implement safeguards to keep your trade secrets, client data, and employee information protected.

New security vulnerabilities are published at a rate of

National Vulnerability Database, 2018

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Infrastructure Solutions

When your systems are down, your production is down. Your infrastructure solutions need to ensure stability and availability, at all times. We design and deploy systems that modernize your offerings and retrofit redundancy, so your business-critical and legacy systems are reliable and efficient.


reduction in energy


increase in utilization
Virtualization is the key to business agility
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Mobilize Your Workforce

Not all tasks are best handled at a desk or during business hours. Make sure your staff and clients can securely access the tools and information they need whenever and wherever they need it, by making your data and services available on any device.

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Proactive Support

The best support comes from those who identify issues and resolve them before they become problems. Within a proactive support agreement, we proactively monitor and optimize systems, and routinely sit-down to discuss emerging technologies, business objectives, and opportunities to improve and grow your business.

"This group is comprised of some of the best technical folks I have ever met."

IT Director, City Brewery

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