Visual & Brand Identity

Visual & Brand Identity

Despite being one of the few species that can read and write, humans remain largely rooted in visuals. We’re more likely to recognize the logo for a brand before the name. Even with a large and ubiquitous brand, the color and font used for their name are what we instantly identify before the meaning of the text.

Visuals are important - but only if they truly represent the brand and connect with customers. Brand identity is a melding of strategy, messaging, personality, consistency, image, tone, and much, much more. When combined well and under the guidance of the experts at Scylla, your identity and visuals build an unshakable bridge between your brand and your customers.

The Discipline of Brand Identity

Defining and executing a brand isn’t for the faint at heart. It’s a skill set that draws from nearly every agency element and covers every touchpoint. It is the foundation for everything you produce after - what a post sounds like, what a commercial looks like, what a website feels like. It’s a discipline that requires research, broad understanding, and specialist input to achieve a pitch-perfect representation of who you are and what you do.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is the foundational start to everything that comes after. It’s built off of an understanding of not just your business and its goals, but your customers and their goals, wants, desires, pain points, and preferences. A brand strategy is a melting pot of every dimension of your company and what it means to your customers and produces an end product that speaks to the senses and emotions of everyone, from buyers to board members.

If the strategy can be seen as the architecting of your brand, then brand positioning is setting the stake in the ground. Clearly identifying what sits at the core of your business proposition, your positioning sets you apart from your competitors in look, feel, and most importantly in the minds of your customers.

Brand development

Brand development is the foundation that uses strategy and positioning to create and sets all future elements up for success. It’s the rails that keeps your brand identifiable while giving you the space and definition to innovate with unexpected ideas and inspirational vision.


Brand Identity

Define what comes to mind when your customers think of your brand, from logos to lockups.

Brand Standards

Consistency is the key to a successful brand. Standards ensure everyone - teams, partners, and everyone in-between - treat it right.

Digital Experiences

Define the look and feel of your digital spaces with full execution of your brand across all channels - web, social media, video, and more.

Define, Clarify, & Energize Your Brand

For brand identity to be effective, it must reflect the business’s personality, its values, and its differences. Most importantly, it must be used consistently, everywhere, every time, by everyone. Contrary to logic, that structure doesn’t stifle your brand - it frees it. Frees it from having to re-introduce itself in every venue. Frees it from building trust over and over again. And frees it from the need to re-create its identity at every turn.

A clearly defined and executed brand identity makes a small company look ten times its size, and makes an enterprise transcend the competitive landscape. Accomplishing that is no small feat. It takes deep and broad experience married to raw talent.

The Scylla team represents decades of experience in diving deep into a brand and surfacing with a brand identity and definition that melds excitement with recognition. In a noisy and complicated world, Scylla’s visual and brand identity services will make your business a beacon.

Strengthen Your Brand with Scylla

The process Scylla uses with every client and every project sets our brand and visual identity engagements up for success - we start and end with you and your business. We drive hard to understand who you really are, and push harder to draw out what you mean to your customers. Armed with knowledge, we collaborate with you to define the visuals, tone, and asset definitions that represent your brand, and only your brand.

Get noticed for who you are.

Lead with effort; build with trust. Start with Scylla.

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