Why Winchester, VA is a great place to have a business

Bruce Thompson - Brand Strategist

by Bruce Thompson
January 2020

Forbes Magazine recently realized what the Scylla founders had already known. Winchester is a great place to have a business. In January of 2019, Winchester, VA was named as #11 on the Forbes, ‘The Best Small Places for Business and Careers’ list. 

Winchester is a beautiful spot in the Shenandoah Valley, filled with lots of opportunities for outdoor activities, a vibrant downtown area, good schools, and active community members.  A short distance to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. to the east or the quiet of the mountains of West Virginia to the west, as well as the many adventures to be had travelling north or south along the 81 Corridor.

When we started The Scylla Group in 2011, it was formed on a basis of trust, a commitment to transparency, caring, and a passion for quality-driven, innovative work.  The five owners wanted to create a company that cared about its clients and each other.  Part of this care was ensuring that all Scylla employees had the ability to follow their passions in both professional and personal endeavors. 

Location was important in promoting that growth and that’s why Winchester, VA was chosen.  Winchester was a familiar place, with some having grown up in the area, others having lived there for years, and the rest through visits.  Though on the surface it may not seem like a bustling place for a tech company, we knew there were a wide range of thriving industries in the area that we could provide value to, and the charm of the area itself is captivating for nature lovers.


Check out the Forbes list here


The Shenandoah Valley has provided the Scylla group with a wonderful place to realize both professional and personal goals.  We hope you enjoy seeing all the area has to offer.

We're located in the Shenandoah Valley because we believe that making a life worth living is more important than just making a living.

The Scylla Group’s commitment to both personal and professional growth has served both our company and our clients well.  As Spring arrives we look forward to more pursuits all around! 



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