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One Dream One Tree Campaign


Double A, a paper manufacturing company headquartered in Thailand, is considered an industry leader in sustainable practices. They use wood from a special, fast-growing type of tree called the Paper-Tree, which is developed and suitable for making Double A Paper. These trees are grown by farmers on their unused land to create earth-friendly pulp for paper manufacturing. Double A wanted to spread the word of their sustainable practices through a campaign where for every ream of paper purchased, they would plant a tree in the buyer's name.

One Dream One Tree Campaign
One Dream One Tree Campaign

The Challenge

Ironmark reached out to Scylla, to act as their technical partner with this campaign creation and execution. We worked with the Ironmark team to perform a technical audit of their clients existing website and make recommendations on how best to technically execute the challenge of capturing accounts and managing users throughout the sustainability campaign.

The campaign would be initiated by a QR code on reams of paper and through email promotion. The QR code and email link would guide the participant online to register an account from which they could redeem and plant their tree. Participants of the campaign included individual purchasers, business purchasing agents as well as non-purchasers. Three entry points into the program needed to be considered while keeping the experience as streamlined and consistent as possible. 

One Dream One Tree Workflow

Workflow diagrams were created for each participant type to show the user experience through mutliple touchpoints and to determine how the system needed to operate.

Project Requirements

Once workflows were approved, specifications and requirements were drafted to guide development.

One Dream One Tree Wireframes

Screen designs based on the workflow wireframes and content exploration were created to match DoubleA Paper web standards to ensure a seemless experience with their existing site.

Our Solution

We decided it was best to manage the communications and the registration separately. A seamless 2 site approach would be invisible to the user, but make managing the two sides of operations would be easier if the best platform was utilized for the different needs.

The sweepstakes communications hub was already in Hubspot. Hubspots CRM and email campaign integrations made it an obvious choice to control the communications side of the campaign. Hubspot is not the easiest platform for third-party or software integrations, so Umbraco was selected to handle the technical heavy lifting. Umbraco was chosen for its speed of execution, versatile and intuitive content creation, and ease of creating APIs to share data with Hubspot.


Double A Paper met their One Dream One Tree campaign goal with 596,008 trees planted in Thailand in less than 6 months

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