Hyper Focused Digital




Quickly raise awareness of a timely promotional campaign targeting a very specific geography and very broad demographic range.


We delivered a unique digital advertising campaign which included variable messaging across multiple platforms to quickly identify unique triggers and high response rates to further focus messaging and budgets. Audiences were guided to a responsive website with supporting information and options to engage with and convert.




  • Content and Media Strategy
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Automation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web integration
  • Analytics + Reporting


Google Facebook Millenial

Online advertising campaign segmentation overview

Campaign Details

  • Segmentation based on user needs, geo-location, and age
  • Media placements including Facebook, Google Display Network, Millennial Mobile advertising.
  • Multiple creative ads per segementation and demographics
Advertising campaign workflow model

Campaign Monitoring

  • A/B Testing
  • Weekly monitoring of conversion rates, subject matter, media size, media placment.
  • Weekly revisions to media plan and creative based on performance rates and targets
  • Realized 200% increase in traffic each consecutive week
Sprint online advertising campaign design elements

Quality Assurance

Verification and quality checks for:

  • First Impression Display
  • Content completion
  • Link Accuracy
  • Tracking Information
  • Image links, size and load times
  • Email client and browser compliance/display
Advertising campaign landing page displays

Campaign Results

  • 32+ Million Impressions
  • 4:30 Average time-on-site
  • More than double the visitors each consecutive week

"The Scylla Group are professionals who have grown up in a digital world and have gained the respect of large reputable brands."

- Keith Fazio, Marketing Manager, Sprint Shentel